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While working as an engineer for clients including Intel, National Semiconductor, and other semiconductor companies, Wayne became fascinated with patent law and began studying patent law. After 4 years of working as an engineer, Wayne entered law school, and the same year passed the ?patent bar? which allowed him to work writing patents while he was in law school.
Wayne chose Suffolk University Law School for their strong emphasis and offerings in Intellectual Property. He graduated with honors, and completed an Intellectual Property Law Concentration with honors as part of his law degree. During his first summer break, Wayne attended Franklin Pierce Law Center?s Intellectual Property Summer Institute, which has also been recognized as a top program in intellectual property law. During his second summer, Wayne worked as an intern in the patent department of Bose Corporation.
After law school Wayne began working as an intellectual property attorney in Arizona. He prepares patents for fortune 500 companies in the auto and semiconductor industries as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors and artists.
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