CrossFit Nine7

97 East Shore Road, Manhasset, New York United States 11030


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About Us

Years back in the corner of your traditional gym, there was a man with a passion for helping others and an obsession with fitness. Joe Floria, later to become your Head Coach, led a small group of great people through the techniques and intense workouts that make up CrossFit. Twice a week this group would meet and push themselves harder than any other members within the gym. The surrounding members heads would turn every time the clock would count down 3?.2?.1?..This was something that was never seen within this gym.

A couple months went by and their family began to grow, it was now time to make a move. With a vision in his mind, Joe went on a search for a space to accommodate the growing family (members). With the help of this group of people he was able to nail down a small retail space in a strip mall. This space was only 800 square feet but was enough to start.

In September 2012, CrossFit Great Neck was born. Within this small space something incredible was created. A group of people from all different backgrounds united together with one goal, to better themselves. People were achieving things they never thought possible, giving them higher confidence that helped them in their daily lives. This wasn?t only a gym but a getaway from stresses of everyday life. An unbreakable bond was established amongst this group and it continued to grow.

Three years went by and the space proved to be too small for the expanding family to continue its growth It was time to look for a bigger home. Months went by with failed attempts to move but the search continued. Patience played a huge factor in this search and when the time was right they found exactly what it was they were looking for.

In 2016, CrossFit Nine7 was born, the son of CrossFit Great Neck.

We welcome you all to our new location and are very grateful for where we started. The path that led us here was incredible. We are excited to see what the future brings and we would love for you to be a part of our next chapter.


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