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Darrow Associates, Inc. is a boutique investor relations and financial communications consultancy serving the needs of select micro- and small-capitalization companies. Strategic programs are implemented with high level counsel provided by the firm?s executive consultants and focused on attaining results.

As an expert in assisting small cap companies with their investor relations through a myriad of stock market cycles and industry trends, Darrow Associates has found that many public companies commonly overlook basic tenets which are integral in developing an investment community following and achieving and maintaining an appropriate share price valuation. Compared to mid- and large cap issues, there generally is more volatility in share trading activity and financial performance for small cap companies. An effective investor relations (IR) program should factor in the associated ebb and flow of investor interest. Darrow Associates has pioneered a revolutionary practice that takes business and market volatility into account and delivers beyond the core competencies of most singularly-focused IR strategies. This program is called the Investor Life Cycle IR Strategy? and transcends the notion that public companies ? regardless of their size and the exchanges on which they trade ? fit a specific investor profile. Moreover, the strategy is intended to identify and implement outreach initiatives targeting complementary investor groups to replenish the ?shareholder pipeline.?

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