Thank you for your interest in the languages that will be available on the website. For the initial launch of, the site will be displayed in English only. It has been designed to be able to be enjoyed in every country that will support our small business vision of being able to find things locally. We expect to add additional languages in the very near future and anticipate the enabling of the site to be displayed in Spanish. Initially we will be adding languages using the alphanumeric characters with other languages with different characters following based upon small business and user feedback.

It is our goal to make this site available to every small business that would like to showcase their business in a new and exciting way. One interesting thing to keep in mind, in the meantime, is that products, services and keywords can already be entered for any word in any language that uses alphanumeric characters. For example, if you were to include “ghee butter” as a product that you sell, you can also include “ghee mantequilla” as well in Spanish so that anyone looking to do a search in Spanish would also have a great search experience. We want to make the site available to everyone no matter what a language preference might be. “Search & you shall find locally”