Business Features

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Showcase your business products and services

dnifit.com enables you to display yourself on a map when others search on the dnifit site or app. When searching for any product, service or keyword that you have entered, your business will be displayed as a pin where others can find you immediately. You will also be listed by distance for the person doing the search and after choosing your business, your profile will be displayed along with information that will help others want to do business with you locally.

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Self-directed profile and content management

You now have a wonderful way to manage your own profile and the content that will be presented when searches are made. Profiles are simple to set up and you can easily upload all your products, services and even keywords that best describe your business. You can add, delete and update your profile and content at any time, even on a tablet. dnifit is a wonderful way for you to manage your inventory if you do not have a Point of Service system already. If you have a Point of Service system, you can most likely export a report in the form of a csv file and with some formatting you can upload it to save you the time of having to enter it. There are instructions to help you along the way.

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Search engine and social media optimization

It is our goal to help businesses be found locally. We will be working hard to have the site along with your profile optimized to further improve your web presence. Your profile will include room to display your website along with social media where others can find you. The process of optimization will require the help of all the businesses that join dnifit. By working together, we can hopefully create an experience that everyone will enjoy when trying to search locally. At first, we need to share the experience with any and all businesses that might benefit by an improved local experience. Thereafter, when the site goes live to consumers, we will need your help to share the experience with all your customers, clients, friends and associates. dnifit is a platform which we want you to enjoy and be proud to be part of.

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Customer reports and analytics

One of the many features that will be coming as we develop the site will be the reports that you can use in your local area which will provide valuable information about usage and number of users. In line with our thinking about being self-directed, we want to provide you with the ability and tools to help you determine that dnifit can help your business.

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We believe that dnifit is a marketing concept that you can utilize in addition to all your other marketing activities. Marketing is always evolving with new ways to connect with each other. With our dnifit concept, we actually took a step back, thought about how we could better showcase ourselves along with our products and services and added modern technology to allow us to be found locally on a map every time. As we improve the experience and learn new ways to better market ourselves, we promise to share it with you so you too can benefit at each and every step.

Customer Features

Search locally in your area

You now have an excellent new way to search locally every time you need something. Why not shop locally if you can find it there simply and easily. The businesses that surround you would love to show you how they can help you and would like to share all the products and services that they have to offer. Local businesses are often owned by our friends and neighbors and are strong supporters of the communities in which they operate. Supporting them makes great sense and if you are happy with the experience, share it with everyone you know.

View Maps and Get Directions

Once you have entered a product, service or keyword in the dnifit search bar, hit enter and see where you can find your request locally in your area. The map has a clean and easy feel to it and once you choose the business that you want to go to, you can easily get there by getting directions. We want searching locally to be easy.

Save Your Favorite Local Businesses

As you do searches and find businesses that you like, you can now save them in your favorites when you have registered as a user. This is a quick and easy way to have all your favorite businesses at your fingertips and will make connecting with them a snap.

Rank and Review Local Businesses

Businesses like to get great reviews and consumers like to rely upon them. An upcoming feature will provide the ability for registered users to provided rankings and reviews. We want the dnifit experience to be a great one for all and encourage all members to operate with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and to always treat others as they would want to be treated themselves.